Back up Dampier Peninsula

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Travelling Tales
Broome again didn’t disappoint we stayed this time at the PCYC Overflow Camp didn’t mind paying $30 as it went fully back to the community. It was a handy location for us to do a bike ride up to the lighthouse although a little harder than we anticipated as rather than roads out on the point it was sand tracks so lots of bike pushing, oh well good exercise. The lighthouse was somewhat insignificant but nice views out to the ocean. We rode back via Town Beach and had a late lunch at the market that was just setting up in preparation for the crowd coming to see the staircase to the moon.

Early evening we returned to Town Beach and sat with 100’s of others in anticipation of the moon rising, yes spectacular but photos not as good as I’d have liked. Wandered round the markets again now with every type of food you could imagine as well as other stalls and a couple of brothers entertaining us with some good country music. A nice relaxing night and just a short walk from camp.

Woke with another sea mist covering us in dampness but this was again burnt off by 7.30. We headed off on the Cape Leveque road knowing that the first 100 was unsealed. The road was much better than expected with a few rough spots and some interesting slopes when I felt that I was going to topple sideways from my seat. Our first stop was Beagle Bay Community where we checked out the 100 year old church decorated with 100’s of mother of pearl shells, built by 3 pioneer brothers with the help of Aboriginals, the church has been beautifully maintained and is still in use today. The community is very tidy and has a good general store and a bakery although no cakes had been made that day, they do make a mean iced coffee though 😀

We were heading to Pender Bay Camp but I missed the turning, yes more bad navigation, so we continued north and checked out Kooljaman on the tip of the Cape rather nice with fancy restaurant and their own airstrip to fly in guests who didn’t want to face the rough roads. A cute little lighthouse up there too. We didn’t stop for long carrying on to what turned out to be our spot for the night – Gumbanan Bush Camp.

Gumbanan is in a perfect location just on the east of the Cape with views in all directions small islands dotted around which grew as the tide went down. Also some amazing rock pools on low tide incredible coral and other aquatic plant life and a variety of small fish, I spent both mornings for about an hour just photographing and watching. While up that end of the peninsula we went to Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm where I did a very informative tour about the Brown Family and how they developed the farm and perfected the culturing of pearls. We also visited the hatchery at One Arm Point, not really a hatchery as such but a number of large tanks with a variety of fish and seaweed. Worth a visit all the same as there was interesting boards about the history of the local community.

We were going to stay at Pender Bay before heading back to Broome but 500 meters down the road we decided to turn around due to rough corrugation, didn’t feel too disappointed as we’ve stayed at 3 gorgeous beaches on the peninsula.


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