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We arrived in Broome on 31 July, it has taken us 4 days shy of 4 months to cross from one side of Australia to the other, not sure how many kilometres but will work that out in a few days. It is so nice to be on this amazing coast our first night we stayed at the Cable Beach Caravan Park which meant that we could walk down to the beach. It was pretty special as the sunset was on low tide so lots of folk brought their cars onto the beach to have a few drinks and for some to stay longer with a BBQ. Of course we watched the camel riders an iconic picture if you visit here, I do want to ride a camel but will leave this until I can find a desert safari.

Our first impressions of Broome are all positive, the town is a nice size to wander round and there is a good feel about the place with plenty of recognition of the early settlers particularly the pearl traders. Although not particularly large there are all the main outlets we need such as Coles & Woolworths, Bunnings and Repco. We will come back to Broome after exploring the Dampier Peninsula and some free camping on the coast.

Our first camp is Quondong Point which has plenty of good spots overlooking the Indian Ocean, we tucked ourselves in at the northern end of the longest beach. Amazing views here and lots of walks up and down the beach and tracks. Some campers are here just overnight, others a few days then right through to 4 months. The wind got up the second day we were here and it was interesting to feel WIII swaying, still beautiful blue skies and cooler at night so great sleeping weather. Vey quickly we were enjoying the ocean and not having to drive on each day, we had been unconsciously looking for a place like this just to stop and chill out. Swimming too is lovely with warm water and nice waves, high tide was mid morning and there are safe areas we could swim in even at low tide. Bonus here is that we have Telstra coverage to catch up with family, emails etc

Day 6 at Quandong while scanning the ocean through binoculars I spot 3 turtles (we had seen signs that turtles 🐢 had been up on one of the smaller beaches to lay eggs) and then just a short time later from the point I spot a couple of whales breaching quite a distant out. Too far out for good photos but was excited to tell Rob when I got back. Later the same day talked to a couple who had been on the beach when the turtle laid the eggs it was a flat head (I think) who only had the stump of one flipper but did ok burying the eggs in 3 places.

We had visitors on our last day at Quondong, Martin & Renate, SLR owners who we’d met in Kununurra & again at the Bungle Bungles. Good to catch up but unfortunately we couldn’t find where they’d camped, or they left too early, for a longer chat and also to see their travel mates Anthony & Kate again.

We put off going back to Broome and continued north on Manari Road to the end and stayed 2 nights on the cliff top at Flat Rock. There is a sand track that continued on but Walkabout III is just too wide/high for the nasty scratching trees. We did however walk all the way to the next point which I believe is Coulomb Pt about 4.3km from where we camped, worth the walk picking up unusual shells and seeing some large large dolphins chilling out. We had plenty of swims here and also put the kayak in near camp, both enjoyed a paddle at low tide. Relaxing on day 2 we started to see more and more whales, some just slowly moving by and others more energetic spouting and breaching – watched them for hours. Then later when we walked out on the rocks looking at all the different plant life and live coral we could hear the slapping of the whale tails and also the noises they were making. The southern walk from camp is particularly beautiful with red cliffs and interesting white sand formations.

Woke up on our last morning at Flat Rock shrouded in mist, a surreal feeling being on the top of the cliff with mist all around, brought back memories of a similar situation when camping at Pacifico south of San Francisco.

Headed back to Broome to see staircase to the moon then will go back up Dampier Peninsula to see more up toward Cape Leveque.


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