Countdown is on for W3 Expedition

Oh yes we have gone from just a plan with no dates to the request for leave from my work last December to wow now less than a week before we hit the roads. Those who know us well wouldn’t be surprised that I’ve been the one making the lists and dare I say nagging Rob to just get things done so I can tick them off. Well the lists are now very short fairly much just those last minute things that can’t be done until just before we leave.

We had arranged a flying visit to Tracey in Kempsey which fitted in well being the weekend ┬ábefore departure and also Darcy and Tracey’s birthdays. We took the chance to take our eldest Brisbane granddaughter with us. Unfortunately we had car trouble so not all smooth sailing but we still had a lovely visit and some quality time with them.


Not a good look


From the cafe at Ferry Park nice friendly cafe

Only 2 more alarm wake ups before I finish work so lots to do there too but definitely light at the end of that tunnel.

Next post should be from the road