Just Catching Up

It has been one of those weekends just catching up with thing. As we’d been away house sitting for a few weekends it was nice just to chill out back at Cherie’s place. One of the big tasks was to get the desktop computer working in the Granny flat. I thought the problem was that the router was just too far away so bought an extender. This worked really well and we now had wifi right to the motor home in 4 devices but the 5th one (Yes that’s right we have 5 devices we use for accessing the internet), being the desktop, was the problem.  I worked out that the issue here was it was too old and didn’t even have wifi installed. Another trip to JB Hi Fi and another gadget and all is good. Ah as much as I love the I devices and the lap top it is still a please to sit at a desk with the full size computer.

The next job was to move photo’s from the I devices and the camera’s to the desktop, sort them out and back them up to a remote hard drive. Ah not a small task as since I’ve had my new lenses and done the camera lesson I tend to go just a little crazy taking photos. Also I’ve not downloaded any photo’s to the computer really since the US holiday  a year ago. Oh dear a big task.


Cup Cake anyone?


Or is this high tea?


Here are a couple of photo’s that I rather like that I figured were good enough to share, this is the tea set I bought Indigo when Asha was born back on New Years Eve.


The bubbles wand is very tickly Papa. Also time to give the motor home a clean up.


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