A Lovely Place to Lounge

Today I write this as I recline on a sun-lounger in a lovely back yard which belongs to my friend Geoff. We have had such a relaxing day starting with a nice sleep in listening to a few showers on the roof ah how nice it is to again enjoy the sound of rain. I finally got up when Geoff’s 18 year old cat meowed in the hall to let us know it was time for breakfast. Didn’t mind the reminder as Sandy is a shy wee girl so nice that she was finally coming in to talk to us after we’d been minding her for the last week.

Yes another house sit this one on the south side of Brisbane in an area we only pass when going on holiday. Yes quite a distance from my work and no train line. I had said to friends I wouldn’t have considered doing this but Geoff is such a dear friend but after commuting for a week by bus and enjoying different views I think I’d do another sit in this area. Of course it is a bonus that the bus comes every 15 minutes so walking the 2 kilometres to the bus station was acceptable.

For the first time in a while Rob has been home all week with no driving jobs probably just as well as he has had a nasty cold that he just couldn’t shake. He has enjoyed this house with its tree filled yard, Geoff had been here 40 years and has developed the small block with lots of short paths and hidden nooks it feels like we are in the country not in suburbia next to a major highway.

Where we are is a short drive to a koala sanctuary, Daisy Hill, so we went there for some bush walking and a picnic lunch sadly no koala in residence today as it has been so hot he was having a break in the air conditioning.

Tonight is our last night here so time to pack up again back to Cherie’s where we will probably stay until our USA trip. We already have another house sit set up for when we return this time with a large dog and Devon Rex cat so that should be fun.



So pretty


Lovely bloom


Georgie Girl






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