Homeless now and Holiday begins

We have had an interesting last few months so no weekends away or even 4wd club trips. As some of you know we had it on the plan that on returning from the states Rob was to spend his retirement getting our home ready to sell. There was more to do than first planned, we had to have builders in to rebuild areas that had water damage over the last 11 years and also some termite damage in our upstairs bedroom. Rob meanwhile discovered more termite damage in the upstairs balcony so fixed that. He also replaced some decking and then had a big job repainting decks and also some spot tidying up of the paintwork etc inside. Finally it was all done so in September we listed our house for auction.

Ah but the surprises didn’t stop 2 weeks into the 4 week marketing plan our area was hit by a hail storm, Rob was on a driving job on his way to Cairns but luckily I was home. Due to the ferocity of the storm and the amount of hail our guttering blocked up and resulted in water coming through the ceiling by the bucket full 11 years and this had never happened before. Thankfully we had a fantastic realtor who had a plumber round and on my roof within 45 minutes of making a call the next morning. There was still a large amount of hail in the gutter as well as in the garden. 6 days later after a visit from the plasterer and painter all was fixed and we were having an open house phew more grey hairs over that one. Thankfully insurance covered the full amount.

Auction day came and we sold so at last we could get serious about buying a 4wd motor home.

We had short listed 2 motorhomes while watching as others came up for sale for the last 6 months, both that we liked were still for sale so we went out and did reinspections. Interestingly our favourite no longer appealed so we negotiated a fair price on the SLR Motorhome. Even purchasing this didn’t go as smoothly as planned firstly the bank we use went offline for 24 hours then there was a problem with the air conditioning which took a couple of days to fix. I’d started holidays on Friday 13th (oh just realised the date wasn’t ideal) but we didn’t actually hit the road until the following Friday.

We did have a productive week though staying in our Patrol Camper at our daughters and sorting through the things we were storing there as well as clearing out her Granny Flat ready for the builders to start work. We were also able to help with garden and house chores as well as collecting our granddaughter from day care and putting up a very early Christmas tree. Yes, I did enjoy this but was just itching to get on the road again. Photos to come.